Shopping, Soup and Spectacular Show

23 05 2012

Day Seven:

    Butthead woke me up before 6am this morning!  Before 6am during vacation?  What to do?  I know!  Let’s head out to the hot tub.  We hung out in the hot tub for a long while and then decided it was time to wake the brother up by persistent knocking on the window.  I’m pretty sure at some point he gave us the finger and then rolled over.  That sounds like Scott.

I cooked a lovely breakfast for us before we got ready to head into town.  In case you’re unaware, I’m a self-proclaimed excellent cook.

Scott drove us into town and we headed for the Outlet Mall for a nice shopping day.  I’d love to show you some pictures that I took of the drive in, but Scott drives like a bat out of hell and all the pictures I had were nothing but blurs.

After some shopping we decided Scott needed to see the bears. 

After hanging with the bears for a while, we were starved and headed to our favorite place to eat, The Pottery House.  Each table had a lovely vase with fresh flowers.

Their potato soup is my favorite!  I crave it when I’m home and cannot wait to get back for another bowl.

It was then FINALLY time for the show.  Cirque de Chine at the Smoky Mountain Palace.  The show was amazing, I mean amazing!  They did a crazy chair balancing tower, juggled all kinds of insane objects…including people with their feet!  They jump and climb and balance and amaze the entire show.  Their grande finale was motorcyclist in a sphere cage.  Four at once!  What a great way to end the night.   If you’re ever in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, find some time for this show.


Favorite Vacation Dining

9 06 2011

Day Three:

     Part Three

If you ever go to the Smokey Mountains, I must recommend our favorite restaurant.  The Old Mill Pottery House Cafe & Grille.  We stumbled upon it during one of our first trips when The Old Mill Restaurant had a 2 hour wait.  It’s in the same Square as The Old Mill Restaurant, but it’s a smaller place with a great atmosphere.  There’s an outside dining area with a small babbling brook, a pretty main dining area and the coolest dishware.  They make all the plates, bowls, table vases and even the bathroom sinks!  The pottery is a nice touch and gives you the inspiration for your own dining room table. 

We (I should say I) have tried a little bit of everything.  The homemade breads and desserts are delicious.  I crave their strawberry salad and potato soup combo every once in a while.  Chris has had terrific sirloin there and even likes their homemade cheese potato chips.  I’ve also had their Rainbow Trout and at least one sandwich that I remember.  I cannot think of one bad experience we’ve had at The Old Mill Pottery House.

Most times that we’ve been, we’ve been seated immediately.  There was one Saturday night that we went during prime time dinner time and had to wait for a while.  They seated us at a table for six.  There was just the two of us!  We felt so bad with other parties waiting, but we were next in line.  We had been waiting with a woman waiting for a table for one so we offered to share our table with her.  She agreed and we had a nice dinner together, separately at the same table with some sporadic conversation.  It was nice.

Before and after we visit The Old Mill Pottery House, we’ll walk around the The Old Mill Square.  I take pictures each time; I love to watch as the seasons change and the place we love stay the same.

Great shot of The Old Mill Restaurant.

Pictures from around The Old Mill Pottery House.