Mmmm….Ice Cream

16 06 2011

Day Six:

     Part Three

After seeing the bears, I was ready for something sweet.  A tasty ice cream cone sounded delicious so we headed out to go ice cream exploring.  We first stopped at a 50’s style dinner, but they only had soft serve.  Chris then headed to a Marble Stone Creamery, but I wanted scoops in a cone.  His patience was thinning so I had to think quick!  “Cross the street to the Christmas Place!”  I knew we had gone there before and saw the ice cream I was craving.  It was so worth being picky.  It was terrific.  Yum, I could go for some now.

Chris got chocolate.  I got three different types – Strawberry, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and a Raspberry Cheesecake.  That probably says a lot about our personalities.  haha

When we ate as much as we could, we headed back to the cabin.  I was excited because Scott was on his way and would arrive that night.  We sat in the hot tub and waited until he called to say he was close.  When he turned on the gravel road we could hear his car crunching its way to us.  Yay!  Baby brother!


Would Ya Look At That

26 03 2011

Extra!  Extra!  I have some exciting news that you wouldn’t believe unless you were there.

I started and finished a project at The Paint Spot in one sitting tonight!  Whoa!

Well, I kinda cheated.  Scott, the little brother and I took a class together.  I was given a platter (no decision on my part), I was given the design (only had two choices to pick from) and I was told what colors to use.  The last one got a little tricky when they suggested that we change the colors.  I had a little meltdown and then firmly said “No, I’m gonna use the colors given to me”.

It was not a simple project, let me tell you.  But we both finished and were only there 3 hours.  The teachers were excellent and the owner was there to chat with us.  It was a great night.

I’ll post our pictures later when I pick up the final pieces.