We Made It!

15 03 2011

My dear friends – the major hump for the project that has taken over many of our lives is coming to an end today.  In the past 15 days, we have sent out over 2 Million mail pieces!  Whoa.  To put that into perspective, in the entire month of January we sent out about 700,000.  Double Whoa.

I could not be more excited or proud right now.  The next few days will feel like a hangover to most of us, but it was well worth going above and beyond the norm to reach the goal for us and for the customer.

Now, who is ready to start planning for next year?


Cheese Thief on the Loose!

11 03 2011

Pepper Jack Cheese

Here at the office, we have two refrigerators, one in the main break room and a second one in our fulfillment area.  The fulfillment ladies let me share theirs since I eat lunch with them everyday. 

Well…I brought in 3 slices of pepper jack cheese last week to have as a snack with my pretzels when I hit the afternoon munchies. 

I went to the fridge last Friday to get a piece of that cheese and it had been tampered with!  One piece was missing and a second piece had been broken to pieces – I don’t know what that was all about.  I wasn’t too upset since I don’t mind if one of the ladies had a piece.  We share with each other all the time and it’s no biggie because if you get a bite of something yummy then the next time you go to the grocery, you bring back something yummy.

The ladies did not eat my cheese!  I asked them this week to be sure no one else was getting into the fridge and they didn’t do it.  I was appalled.

Then, today about mid-morning I started thinking about that last piece of pepper jack cheese.  Mmm…so I went to the fridge to get it.  IT WAS GONE!

Not only was someone disrespectful and scrounged around our fridge for some cheese, BUT they had the balls to come back to the scene of the crime to take the last of it.

Hahahaha…this is hilarious.  For now, I’m sure it’ll get annoying if it keeps happening.

Project Update

9 03 2011

Okay guys…I’m a little nervous tonight.  It’s 6:30pm and I’m still awake.  My alarm is set for 1am for the next file retrieval.  Fingers crossed it will go as smooth as the last few have.  This file I pick up and process tonight is the largest of our 2011 project.  I keep running productions numbers and I keep working myself up.  One time, I feel good about our status and the next, I’m a wreck wondering how we’re going to pull it off!  I know we’ll be fine no matter what because we’ll always find a creative way to make it happen, but I’m still nervous!

Good Morning! Time to Work!

5 03 2011

It’s 1:30am and I’m sitting in bed processing a file for a large project at work.  It’s a character builder, for sure.  This project is not for the faint of heart or the non-proactive slacker.  That’s why it’s mine. 

I spent countless hours planning for this months ago.  It’s now time to execute.  We completed the first leg last month and it went beautifully.  This month’s part is larger than last month and I’m confident we’ll pull it off again.  I’m sure we’ll have some ups and downs over the next 10 days, but it’s my job to pull us back up when we’re down and keep pushing forward. 

It’s early, or late depending on how you look at it, but I think it was Meet the Robinson’s that had the quote “Keep Moving Forward”.  I could be so wrong about that – note to self:  check that!

My Team has a hard path ahead of them, but everyone seems to have a good attitude, they’ve been getting along nicely and have been dedicated to doing what is necessary to complete this project on time as well as make sure the rest of our customers are not lost in the mist of battle.

Yay for us.  We Rock.