Moo Neigh

26 05 2012


Would Ya Look At That

26 03 2011

Extra!  Extra!  I have some exciting news that you wouldn’t believe unless you were there.

I started and finished a project at The Paint Spot in one sitting tonight!  Whoa!

Well, I kinda cheated.  Scott, the little brother and I took a class together.  I was given a platter (no decision on my part), I was given the design (only had two choices to pick from) and I was told what colors to use.  The last one got a little tricky when they suggested that we change the colors.  I had a little meltdown and then firmly said “No, I’m gonna use the colors given to me”.

It was not a simple project, let me tell you.  But we both finished and were only there 3 hours.  The teachers were excellent and the owner was there to chat with us.  It was a great night.

I’ll post our pictures later when I pick up the final pieces.