American Idol – Top 2 Do More Songs

25 05 2011

Wow.  It’s finally here.  The last week of this season’s American Idol.  Tonight, the top 2 – Scotty and Lauren – will perform.  I’m predicting that Scotty will win this year.  That’s if the voting is rigged or if the voting is really county by the American people.  I think there’s too many young girls voting and Scotty is adorable, funny and can sing.  Even if it’s rigged by the powers that be, don’t you think they’d want Scotty to win?  They already have Carrie Underwood topping the country charts as an American Idol winner.  I bet they’re thinking they can corner the male artist in country music as well by making Scotty win.  So whether it’s fixed or not, my money’s on Scotty.

Contestant’s sing their favorite song from the season.

Scotty McCreeryGone – Not as fun as the first time around, but really good.  Sounds like it could really be his song.

Interesting, no judges critique.

Lauren AlainaFlat on the Floor – She seems a lot more mature and seasoned during this performance.  Love it. 

Contestants sing songs that their Idols pick for them.

Scotty McCreery – George StraitCheck Yes or No – Oh, another great performance.

Lauren AlainaCarrie UnderwoodMaybe it was Memphis – Now, I thought she sang a Shania Twain song during their Idols week.  Hmm, maybe Shania was too busy on her book tour to pick a song for her.  She did okay with the song, but it felt a bit rushed.

Actually, this whole show seems kinda rushed to me.  No judge comments, just performance then commercial again and again.

Now, we’re getting some judge remarks.  Randy gives one round to each and Jennifer agrees.  Steven gives them both to Lauren because she is prettier.  What kind of answer is that?

There’s some debut of a new song that American helped to write, but I don’t really care so I’m gonna fast forward!  Is that bad of me?

How is it that there’s 30 minutes more of the show and they’ve done 4 songs and only 2 are left??

Next are the songs they will release first if they win.  I thought they usually sang the first song.  Hmm.

Scotty McCreeryThis Big– My DVR did something funky and I missed a few minutes right before Scotty’s performance.  This sounds like a pretty good song for him if he wins.

Lauren Alaina – Like my Mother Does – Wow, that was a beautiful song and she did wonderful.  Maybe she’ll get the emotional vote tonight!

Ahh, Scotty and Lauren are hanging out like Justin and Kelly.  Justin was so supportive when Kelly won.  Scotty came out telling Lauren she had it.  Sweet.


I don’t think I’ll be disappointed either way this goes tonight.

Yeah, I haven’t changed my mind.  I still do not like the entire group singing together.  It looks like it should be fun and sound good, but I’m not a fan!  It’s nice to see Stefano and Paul again, though.

James and Judas Priest are performing together.  Lots a fire and rockin’ it out.

Jacob and Kurt Franklin.  Yeah, I’m fast forwarding this.

Casey and JACK BLACK sing Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls!  I love all four!!!

The girls are singing.  Not a terrible string of Beyonce songs. 

Hayley and Tony Bennett are singing together.  At first I thought it was kinda odd, but they sound great together.  Wow!  I love Hayley!

Did Ryan just say TLC?  He sure did!  That’s a surprise, but I’m gonna jam out now.

Scotty and Tim McGraw?  Lucky Scotty.  Holy Moly, Tim McGraw.   I swear they must pour him into his jeans.  That’s okay with me, but it must take a long time to get him dressed.

What the heck did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony just do on the stage? 

Whoa, the boys are starting to sing a Prince song…is he gonna show up?  I sure hope so.  Aww, the next song isn’t a Prince song.  I’m let down.  Okay, after that I fast forwarded through the rest.

It looks like Lady Gaga stole Brett Michael’s bandana and bedazzled it.  Haha.  The more I see of Lady Gaga, the more I love her.  What the hell?  Where did they drop to?

Lauren and Carrie Underwood look like they’re having fun together.  Get him, girls!

Are you kidding me, Beyonce again? 

Steven Tyler is singing.  So sad that the rest of Aerosmith isn’t there to back him up.  I bet they really think he sold out by signing up for American Idol.  So sad.

Okay, I think it’s finally time….












24 05 2011

Chris and I watch a lot of crime based dramas – NCIS (old and new), CSI (only the original), The Glades, Criminal Minds (old and new), Rizzoli and Isles, Breakout Kings and Bones.  Every time the good guys are chasing the bad guys, I’m always yelling at the TV  “Shoot ’em in the ass!”  “Shoot ’em in the leg!”.  I fuss at Chris – “Why can’t they just shoot them somewhere so they’ll stop running?  It would be so much easier.  That’s what I would do.” I usually get some kind of “oh really?” response.

Well, I have found my soul mate.  Special Agent Olivia Dunham.  We started the first season of Fringe a few weeks ago.  Tonight, she shot a runner in the leg!  I screamed with excited!  “That’s what I’m freaking talking about!”  Finally, someone with some common sense.  I’m sure there’s some perfectly wonderful explanation why they can’t go shooting everyone in the leg or ass to stop them from running – protocol, too much paperwork, it wouldn’t be that exciting to watch, etc. but I am happy to have seen it at least once!

Thank you, Special Agent Olivia Dunham, thank you.

American Idol – Top 3 do all kinds of songs

22 05 2011

The Top 3 are going home for the big hometown welcome.  Can you imagine?  Leaving your city for a longshot contest like American Idol and the first time you come back, they have a parade for you!  You get to perform for a huge stadium of your fellow neighbors and they’re screaming your name??  What a mind-blowing experience for sure.  Oh, and you’re under 20 years old.  Holy Moly.

Tonight, they’re singing 3 songs a piece – Contestants get to pick one, Jimmy will pick one and the judges will pick the other.

Beyonce will help the contestants with their song choices.

Scotty McCreeryAmazed – Such a lovely and sweet song.  He’s doing a great job, but I’m wondering how it will compare to the other two.  Will this seem kinda boring?

Lauren AlainaWild One – Fun song.  She’s fun.  Has she sang Independence Day?  If not, she should.

Hayley ReinhartWhat is and What Should Never Be – Hayley makes me wanna watch performances of songs I’m not familiar with, which is hard to do.  I usually skip them, but I love her and her voice.  Whoa, she just fell coming back up the stairs.  It was quick and she recovered well and it didn’t seem to mess with her head.  Great job! 

Next round is Jimmy’s picks.

Scotty McCreeryAre You Gonna Kiss Me or Not – This a new country song that I love.  Sounds like something he could have recorded himself.  Nice job.

Lauren AlainaIf I Die Young – Another new song.  And another perfect pick from Jimmy!  She did wonderful.  Maybe he could pick a song that’s a perfect fit for me.  haha

Hayley ReinhartRhiannon – Not a new song this time.  But a perfect fit for Hayley.  Jimmy is a genius.  I loved it. 

Now the judges pick songs for them.  Well, after a new video from Beyonce…

Scotty McCreeryShe Believes in Me – Nice performance. 

Lauren AlainaI Hope You Dance – Sold on the first line!  She’s wonderful.

Hayley ReinhartYou Oughta Know – Nice lyric change!  haha.  Wow!  Love her!

Kinda strange that it’s down to two country singers and a rocker.  Tonight’s vote could go all sorts of ways.  Wow.  I think Hayley may have won it for me.  As much as I love Lauren and Scotty, I think Hayley has it at this point for me.

Time for the results show!

Oh my goodness!  It’s an Italian Jonas Brothers.  hahahahaha  Some Italian band is performing.  Why?  Kinda freaky that those voices are coming out of those bodies!

After 50 minutes, we’re finally getting some results! 

Scotty is in the final.

And so is Lauren.

Two country singers in the finale…who will win?

Too bad for Hayley.  I hope she gets picked up by someone for a record.

American Idol – Top 5 do Then and Now

7 05 2011

Wow!  They’re gonna stretch 5 performances into one and a half hours!  When will the show go down to just an hour?  Thank goodness for DVRs.

I see Callie from Grey’s Anatomy!  She’s gorgeous.

Aww…that makes more sense.  The contestants are going to sing two songs a piece tonight.  One from back in the day and one recently recorded.  Sheryl Crow is helping to mentor them.  I love her voice and her songs.  What?  She was a back-up singer for Michael Jackson?  Did you know that?

James Durbin – Closer to the Edge – Wonder how long it took them to do his hair?  That effortless, just got out of bed look takes a lot of time and product!  Okay, I do not recognize this song so you know what that means…fast forward!  Wait!  Fire on stage again!  He like the pyrotechnics.  Judges like him as usual.

Jacob Lusk No Air – America, send him home already!  He’s got some pipes on him, but he’s not an American Idol.  I would turn this song over in the car.  And I’m fast forwarding now…

Lauren Alaina – Flat on the Floor – She looks awesome!  Love her performance.

Scotty McCreery – Gone – Love this song.  Love this song.  Whoo!  Great jump off the stage.   That could have gone bad.  haha  This is a real fun song for him.  I like it a lot.

Hayley ReinhartYou and I – She’s beautiful tonight.  This is an awesome song for her.  Wonder what Lady Gaga’s version sounds like.  They said it hasn’t been released yet.  Uh-oh, Jennifer isn’t sold that this was the right song choice since no one knows it yet.  Usually, I would agree, but I loved it.

Then Songs…

James DurbinWithout You – Beautiful song.  And he’s doing a beautiful job with it. 

Jacob Lusk Love Hurts – I’m kinda excited about hearing this song from him.  I’m impressed.  But I haven’t changed my mind about him.  What?!?!?  Really?  Anthony Hopkins is an American Idol fan?  Did you just see him?

Lauren Alaina Unchained Melody – This is going to be really beautiful.  That’s an amazing dress on her – pretty colors, bling and showing some skin.  And yes, she did an awesome job.

Scotty McCreeryAlways on my Mind – Wow, maybe tonight Scotty has won my heart back.  Very pretty song.

Hayley Reinhart The House of the Rising Sun – I LOVE the beginning of this song and I love Hayley!  Awesome, just awesome.

Time for the results show!  I’m excited.  Not only is Jennifer Lopez performing (fingers crossed it’s her new one) but so is Lady Antebellum.

Let me think about it…..uhm….send Jacob home.  Really. 

Oh my goodness!  Just have guest performances on the results shows cause these group performances really kill me, as you know.  This is not the first time I’ve said this or fast forwarded!

Cute segment with Chef Ramsey and the omelet making.

Yay to Lady A!

Time for some results…

Well, not really.  James was put on one side of the stage and Lauren was put on the other.  Probably splitting them up between top and bottom.  But that’s all.  Now its commercial time.  Surprise, surprise.

Another cute segment with Gordon Ramsey.

Jennifer Lopez time!  I love this song.  I never knew I was a Jennifer Lopez music fan. 

Uh-oh.  They just put Jacob on the same side as Lauren.  Hayley is going to the same side with James.  And Scotty is safe.  Ryan is trying to get him to stand with the two that he feels is also safe.  Dirty!  Ryan pushed him towards Hayley and James.  That means Lauren is in the bottom two!  Whoa.  Jacob deserves to go home tonight.  Not Lauren. 

Jacob is going home.  It’s really how it should be.  He’s a terrific performer and has sung some wonderful songs, but he’s really not an American Idol.

American Idol – Top 6 do songs by Carole King

7 05 2011

I recognize Carole King’s name but I’m not really sure who she is.  Chris said his mother loves her music.  Oh!  They are playing a tape – got it!  Wow!  25 records?!  Maybe I should be on the lookout for some of her albums.  This should be a pretty good show tonight.

Ahh…they’re going to perform in pairs as well as solos.  I like that.

Jacob LuskOh No Not My Baby – Check out that jacket!  Fast Forward!  I’ll just see what the judges say.

Lauren Alaina Where You Lead – She’s a cutie.  Love her personality.  Holy Crap!  It’s Miley Cyrus!  Great performance by Lauren.  Who is that dude she brought up on stage to sing to?  Oh, nobody.

Hayley and Casey I Feel the Earth Move – Two growlers, should be interesting.  Uh-oh, the music sounds too loud.  You can barely hear them over the music – what a shame.

Scotty McCreeryYou’ve Got a Friend – Nice start.  Love the strings playing with him.  He’s doing a nice job but it’s kinda boring.  Is that Laverne or Shirley behind Randy?

James DurbinWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Awesome start of this song!  Strong performance.  How does he get so high and then sound beautiful in the low notes right after?

Scotty and LaurenUp On the Roof – They’re so fun together and sound great too!

Casey AbramsHidey Ho – This ought to be a good, fun performance.  Love the band on stage with him.  Judges seem to agree.

Hayley ReinhartBeautiful – She just started and I love it!

James and Jacob I’m Into Something Good – The pants on James are a little snug!  Cute bit with Jennifer Lopez.  Who will get to scream at the end?  Oh, yeah, both.  Haha

Recap going on…Jacob better go home.  Not that things are gonna get easier to pick who should go home, but it should be Jacob tonight.  I’m starting to think Scotty may not be in the top 3.  I think Jacob this week and then it’ll be time for Scott to go.

Results show started.  Ryan said a lot of fans will be disappointed.  Hmm, maybe it is Scotty tonight…I still love him but I’m thinking he’s not the next American Idol and better off not winning.

Holy Moly, they’re going to let them all sing together.  Carole King had a shitload of awesome songs!  They didn’t make me throw up in my mouth this time.  Bravo.

Crystal from last season is performing.  I think I kinda like her but I’m not finishing this…fast forward.

Fan Q&As are always fun.

Individual results

Hayley – Safe.  Yay!
Scotty – Bet he’s in the bottom, oh Ryan is making us wait.
Lauren – Another wait.
Casey – What the hell?  More Waiting!
James – is safe.
Jacob – ?
Lauren is safe.

Bruno Mars is singing something I don’t know so he gets the fast forward.  Bet this worked better when people couldn’t do that.  Artists could really force new songs on us.  Now, we have the power to skip it.

Jacob is safe!

uh-oh…Casey and Scotty… who will it be?  I’m predicting Scotty.  And it is…Casey.  Strange!  I think Casey is a better choice for an American Idol than Jacob and Scotty. 

Chris will not be pleased.  Not that he cares but last week he said this was the only guy that could sing.

American Idol – Top 7 do music from the 21st Century

7 05 2011

This should be interesting.  We’re in Gatlinburg and I’m gonna try to watch American Idol with Scott and Chris here!

They’re opening with a performance by contestants that were previously kicked off.  And OMG!  This is why I don’t watch these things live anymore.  They are butchering another one of my favorite songs and artists.  I wanna fast forward!  Make it go away!  American Idol, quit making these people sing together.  It hurts my ears!  Not a good way to sell tickets to the summer shows either.

Oh, they’re gonna talk (make fun) of each other in clips before their performances.  Fun!  This is such a fun group this year.

Scotty McCreerySwingin’ – OMG!  I’m freaking out!  Screaming and cussing.  This was NOT originally recorded in the 21st century.  Maybe that’s why he can sing it and get by with it since it was re-recorded in the 21st century.  But I feel like he cheated by doing a song that was originally recorded by John Anderson in the 80’s.  Huff.  Oh, how did he do?  I don’t like it.  (Probably because I feel this was a dirty pick.  They aren’t even giving John Anderson credit!  Whatever.

James Durbin Uprising – Pretty cool performance!  He’s all about putting on a show.  The marching band with him is a nice touch. 

Hayley ReinhartRolling in the Deep – Wonderful performance!  Terrific job, really.  I love it.

Jacob Lusk – Dance with my Father – Pretty good.  Typical Jacob.

Casey AbramsHarder to Breathe – He looks kinda scary sometimes when he sings.  But I like him.  Aww, he just kissed Jennifer Lopez!  Cute.

Stefano LangoneCloser – Ohh…I love him.  He’s so cute. 

Lauren AlainaBorn to Fly – I love her.

Okay, tonight, I’m ready for Jacob and (gasp) Scotty to be in the bottom.  I’m still mad over the singing of a re-recorded song when it’s supposed to be 21st century recordings.  Most people probably don’t even realize it since they didn’t bother to mention the first recording in the 80’s.

Okay, I might be able to listen to this group performance.  We’ll see if my ears bleed or not.

Casey is safe.  Jacob is not.  He’s in the bottom again.

David Cook’s performing.  I like him.  I think I purchased his CD after American Idol.

Lauren and James are safe, but Stefano is going to the bottom three.

Scotty and Hayley are left.  Scotty definitely deserves to be in the bottom.  Hayley’s performance was great and he cheated.  Wow!  Where is this relationship going with Scotty?  I used to really love him. 

Grr…they put Hayley in the bottom.  But before a performance by Katy Perry, she was sent back to the safe side.

So, Jacob and Stefano are the bottom two.  I hope it’s Jacob.  *sad face*  It was Stefano.  Buh-Bye, Cutie.

American Idol – Top 8 do Music from the Movies

14 04 2011

Maybe it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of life, but I’ve learned my lesson from last week.  I’m staying up tonight to watch the performances.  I have a glass of Mountain Dew and some popcorn – Don’t tell Chris!

Paul McDonaldOld Time Rock N Roll from Risky Business – Not my favorite performance from him.  His voice isn’t strong enough for me in this song. 

Lauren AlainaThe Climb from some Miley Cyrus movie – Wow, I forget how young Lauren is!  I love Miley Cyrus, but please, for an American Idol performance?  I do like this song and I like Lauren singing it tonight.

Stefano LangoneEnd of the Road from Boomerang – Are they going to mention that everyone insinuated that it was a shock that Pia was going home because he clearly was the worst?  I doubt it.  This is the type of music he could be singing.  Love songs.  He’ll be great on the Top Idols tour, but I’m not sure he’s the winner.  OH!  And what a cutie!  haha

Scotty McCreeryI Cross My Heart from Pure Country – I love this song and I love George.  Good performance.

Casey AbramsNature Boy from The Boy With The Green Hair – I would have loved to see him sing his other choice, In the Air Tonight.  I guess this is a cool performance, but I like it better when I know the songs.

Hayley ReinhartCall Me from American Gigilo – Great performance from her.  Good pick for her voice.  Hmm, the first one that I really liked tonight is the one the judges don’t seem to like it. 

Jacob LuskBridge Over Troubled Water from The Pursuit of Happiness – Jacob seems sad.  He’s consistent with his performances – beautiful and powerful voice.

James DurbinHeavy Metal from Heavy Metal – He’s also very consistent with his performances.  I would have been interested to hear what suggestions Jimmy had for him. 

If Pia were still here think she’d do the Titanic Song or one from The Bodyguard? 

Oh!  I wish someone would have done Footloose!

Maybe it’s because I’m up past my bedtime but I was not overly entertained tonight with these guys.  Or maybe I don’t like the movie theme.  Who knows.

They’re showing the recap – I’m not sure who is in danger of going home at this point.  Maybe I need to sleep on it.

Okay, it’s Thursday night and I’m a little clearer.  James, Scotty and Lauren are still who I think will be in the top three at the end.  For tonight, I think Casey, Jacob and Hayley may be in the bottom.  Let’s get started and see what happens!

Finally!  Rhianna, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean will be performing and the Idols will be singing in groups/pairs again.  MUCH better, Idol.

Lauren and Scotty singing American Honey.  Love this song and a sweet performance. 

AHHHH!  Zombies?!?!  Really?  Maybe I should see a therapist about my apparent Zombie issues.

Hayley and Casey are singing a song I don’t think I care about.  Hayley looks and sounds great.  (Chris just ask who this jerk-off was.  Guess he’s not a Casey fan.)

Scotty, Lauren, Casey and Hayley – with Hayley in the bottom.  Not such a big surprise.

Rob Reiner’s segment was funny.

I love Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean separately.  They are terrific together. 

Jacob, Paul, Stefano and Jacob – Fun performance.  Which two in the bottom?  I think Jacob and Paul.  It is…Stefano and Paul.

Rhianna’s dress is beautiful.  Chris thinks Reba influenced her hair choice since she was just on the CMA’s with her.  haha

Aww….it’s time for Paul to go home.  I think I’m okay with that, but I hope to see an album soon!