17 05 2011

Hello, my lovely readers!  Who doesn’t love to play Bunco?!?  Chris says it’s easy to play – you roll the dice, then cackle, cackle, cackle.  We’re doing a Bunco fundraiser for Sheila’s Mission Trip next month and I would love to add your name to the list of guests. 

We’ll have snacks and prizes and raffles and good times.  Please think about joining us for the evening.  Details are below! 

Friday, June 17th

6:30pm to 9pm

Providence Retirement Home

New Albany, Indiana

$20.00 Donation to play

You can call, text, come see me, comment here or email me at skye_0902@hotmail.com to get tickets.




Get Your Tickets Now!

18 03 2011

Movie Basket Raffle

Basket Includes:

3 Movies
The Wedding Crashers
Definitely, Maybe
The Karate Kid (1984)

Various Movie Theater Style Candies

2 Popcorn Holders

2 Bags of Movie Theater Butter Popcorn

2 20-ounce Coca-Cola’s


5 Scratch Off Tickets!

You can call, text, come see me, post a comment here or email me at skye_0902@hotmail.com for tickets!

1 Chance for $10.00
3 Chance for $25.00

Drawing will be held on Monday, April 4th 

Sending Sheila to Ghana

18 03 2011

I have more information to report about my friend Sheila’s fundraising.  Also, I have set up a page here on my blog that you can visit to see what fundraisers are in the works.

Last Fall, Sheila went to Romania to help Rachel Ross, the founder of Forget Me Not Ministries, at the Isaiah Center in Tinca.  The Isaiah Center exists to provide nurturing and education for the neglected and abandoned gypsy children.

This year, she is going with Globe Aware, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) that develops short-term volunteer programs in international environments.  The intention of Globe Aware is to accomplish one of two things:  Promote cultural awareness and to Promote sustainability.  The concept of  cultural awareness means to recognize and appreciate the real beauties and real challenges of a culture, but not to change it.  The concept of sustainability is to help others stand on their own two feet; to teach skills rather than reliance.  Several projects may include the building of school blocks for kindergarteners, improvement of washrooms and facilities that the children use, construction of wells or water systems and improving the facilities at a local orphanage.

Fundraising Here I Come!

3 03 2011

Sheila in my office is planning another mission style trip this Fall and has asked me to help her with Fundraising again.  I’m excited.  I love coming up with ideas, planning, getting everything organized and helping someone meet their Goal.  I think it’s awesome that she has this calling in her life to do such great deeds.  She went to Romania last year and some of you helped her with that.  This year she will be going to Ghana.  I am hoping to have some Fundraising Events that will again have you interested in joining me help reach her goal.

I thought a little brainstorming with the blogosphere might help get some extra creative juices flowing.  I have a lot of wonderful friends out there that have great ideas.  Any comments, suggestions and help is extremely appreciated.

Here’s what we’ve talked about so far.

Request for Donation Letters
Sheila will write a letter to send to family, friends and supporting organizations asking for a financial donation. 

This one is a really “sweet” idea.  We’ll hand out the tubes of Mini M&M’s.  You can enjoy those tasty little treats until the tube is all empty.  Then you fill the tube back up with quarters!  You can fit $14.00 in one tube.  Sheila had a good response with this one last year that we hope to repeat.

What Fundraising effort is complete without a raffle?

This one is just fun all around.  We’ll charge an admission to play, just like you would with your regular Bunco group.  Snacks are a must!  We’ll have 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Boobie prizes, along with some Door Prizes and an empty your Change Purse Raffle Table.  Last year we had a good turnout for the short notice we gave everyone.  We are looking at the calendar to find the perfect date in order to get bigger attendance.  Question for you readers – How do we get entire Bunco groups interested in coming?  That would certainly boost our numbers.

Crafting Workshop
The brainstorming is still going on with this one, but we’re thinking a small fee to come receive a tutorial from an expert and then you get to make your own.  Something like a 2-hour event with snacks, friends and fun.

Home Party
Sheila’s looking into having a Home Party that’s a Fundraiser.  Something like Pampered Chef, Beauti-Control, 31 Gifts, Premier Jewelry, etc.  Another question for you – Which one would you choose?  Which one would you rather purchase from?


What do you think?  Got any really cool ideas you can share?  Do you have any words of wisdom to help make these a true success?

To be quite honest, we do not have a whole lot of time before we need to start putting some of these ideas into motion.  Her trip is scheduled for October.  Luckily, when my wheels start turning on things like this, they keep spinning!