Tickets and BBQ and Bears! Oh My

16 06 2011

Day Six

    Part Two

After our drive near the beautiful poop water, we drove to the other end of the strip to pick up the tickets for the show with Scott.  Fingers crossed that he likes it! 

We were then at an awkward time – it was too late for lunch/too early for dinner but we were hungry.  We stopped at Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que and had an awesome meal.  Chris even liked their BBQ chicken!  Chicken, folks, he liked a piece of chicken.  That’s gotta say something to how good the food was here.  I have to be honest that I loved their sides much more than their actually BBQ, but it was good.

We then decided to head over to the Three Bears General Store.  I’ve seen it many times as we’ve drove down the strip because it has a large yellow banner that says JESUS SAVES.  That’s what I usually call the place instead of its given name, but we had never been so we thought we’d check it out.

It appears from the outside that its multiple stores connected together, but in fact, it’s one large store inside with many areas for the special offers – Fudge, Air Brush, Christmas items, make your own bear, games, etc.  We spent some time browsing the store.  It’s a typical shopping experience for Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg – lots of stuff that’s borderline junk.

It was then time for the reason we stopped in.  The bears!  On the second floor, you can purchase a ticket to see the bears.  We were surprised by what we saw.  Hard to believe this area was here and we never knew it.  They had 5 bears and they were very entertaining.  We purchased small cups of fruit and snacks for the bears and tossed them down to them.  The bears would wait for the food and one would even hold his arms up like you would when you’re open while playing ball.  Too funny.

I’ve read a few posts on the internet with very harsh views on the Three Bears General Store, but I have to say that I thought it was a nice place for the bears.  They did not seem mal-nourished or in pain and I didn’t see anything different from I do when going to the zoo.  We had a good time and we’ll continue going and will continue telling others about it.

Please enjoy these pictures!  Chris’s dad said they weren’t really Tennessee bears, but I haven’t researched to confirm or deny that.

I think this little guy looks cuddly.

Chris likes to remind me of these claws when I start talking about how cute they are.




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