Beauty and the Feces

12 06 2011

Day Five:

Day five was a relaxing day spent at the cabin.  Hot tub time, naps, tv, more hot tub time, dinner cooked at the cabin and American Idol (against the wishes of Chris).

Day Six:

     Part One 

After our morning ritual – you know, get up early, get in the hot tub and get ready for town – we felt a little adventurous and took a road we’d never been down before and still ended up getting to the main strip in Pigeon Forge.  We then drove through part of the way between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg just to soak up the surroundings.  We pulled into one of the stops created on the road to get out of your car.  It was really beautiful that day.  Pretty trees, rushing water, blue skies and then…I saw the sign.  Let me just say Ewwww.

Chris thought I was crazy but I called this a Pixie Pond.


I took a picture of this tree because it looks like someone’s butt and legs!

Okay, here’s where it gets hilarious!  Yeah, you know all that pretty water that you stop to listen to?  The wonderful pictures you take?  The oohs and aahs while you drive?!?  It’s poop water! 




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