Honey, I Don’t Think This Is A Steakhouse

11 06 2011

Day Four:

     Part Two

After our helicopter ride, it was time to decide on dinner.  We headed to the Apple Barn area where we knew there were a few restaurants to choose from.  We had been to the main Apple Barn with my family in October, but we weren’t all that crazy about it.  The wait was hours, tables and people were crammed together, and the food was just okay.  I wanted to check out the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant this time. 

The menu looked promising so we went inside.  Chris stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the same outfits on the waitresses (strange farmhouse dresses) and the same crammed tables.  He really wasn’t feeling it that day so I told him we’d skip it and try out the steakhouse at the entrance.

I’m sure if I was with my girlfriends, either of these restaurants at the Apple Barn would be a wonderful experience.  I wasn’t with the girlfriends. 

Not being from around the area, we headed to Orvis at the entrance of the Apple Barn thinking we were going to a steakhouse.  It looked like a steakhouse.  It had a huge porch with rockers.  We assumed they were for hanging out while you waited on a table.  The advertisements were combined with the Apple Barn displays so we figured it was another restaurant in their cluster.

As we walked closer to the front door I said “Uh, Honey?  I don’t think this is a steakhouse.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t even a restaurant.”  Guess What!  It is certainly not a restaurant!  It’s an outdoor clothing store!  Orvis

Here’s a picture of another location that looks similar to the one in Pigeon Forge.  Clothing store?  I think not.

After the confusion and let down washed over us, we headed down the strip for another option for dinner.  It wasn’t a very pleasant quest.  I was hot and hungry and cranky.  We got a little snippy with each other and almost went to a number of places but ended up at a place near the outlet mall.  I was much, much better after I got a little hydrated. 

After dinner, we were done with town.  It was certainly time to find ourselves in the hot tub for the evening.




2 responses

11 06 2011
Kelly Sullivan

I’ve never hung out around Pigeon Forge….do you all like it better than going into Gatlinburg?

11 06 2011

We do like it better. It’s much easier to drive and park where you want to go then walk around. In Gatlinburg it’s usually very crowded, you have to pay to park and you’re walking all day with all of your stuff. When we first started going, we did Gatlinburg for the attractions – all the Ripley’s stuff, but since we’ve done it all, we stick to Pigeon Forge.

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