Up, Up and Away

10 06 2011

Day Four:

     Part One

This morning did not start out as we had planned.  You know, it’s not like we actually set an alarm, but we certainly didn’t expect to sleep in until 9am!  So we had to start with a quick dip in the hot tub before getting cleaned up and heading into town. 

It seemed like a nice day for a helicopter ride.  We had talked about taking one on prior trips but Chris was never really that interested.  Daddy and I took a helicopter ride the first time I was with my family in Gatlinburg so I never pushed Chris to do it.  I knew how expensive they were and you never really know how Chris will react to sticker shock!  haha 

For some reason, Chris was ready to take a ride so we went to check it out.  We settled on Scenic Helicopter Tours and took the Mountain Valley Tour.  Everyone at this company was terrific.  They were professional and quick and engaging. 

I tried to snap a picture of one of our pilots, but couldn’t do it without catching the attention of Chris.  He found me out though, while watching the video back he said “you were really trying to get a picture of that pilot, weren’t you?”  Whoops!  Caught red-handed.  Guess I should have asked the hunk-a-hunk-a-tanned pilot for a picture to put on my wall.  haha

It’s so neat to be up in that little vehicle in the sky!  It’s really something.  But I must say that a 15 minute ride at $80 a person goes by really fast.  Like, super fast.  We almost thought they took us on the wrong route when they told us we were heading back in for the landing.  That’s a lot of money for 15 minutes.  Do escorts even get paid that much? 




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