Packed and Ready to go

4 06 2011

So it’s finally time to report on our April vacation to Gatlinburg.  I promise I’ve had serious intentions of doing this earlier, but now is the time to get the party started. 

Day One:

We left early on a Saturday morning.  Really early.  7am.  It was still dark out, but we were ready to get to the cabin!  It’s our second home and we had missed it.  I brought a nice trail mix and a new book to help keep me awake this time. 

It worked for a while, but Chris finally saw my heavy eyes and gave the okay to sleep.  Car trips really make me sleepy. 

I was awake to see us reach Tennessee!  The picture turned out okay for me taking it through the window going 80+ miles per hour.

The trip there is pretty predictable.  Chris drives; I sleep.  We get about 30 minutes away and stop for lunch then head to Kroger to get as much as we can possibly remember.  I try to get a rough itinerary together a week or so before the trip to get an idea of what we need at the grocery.  It always feels like we’re missing something important, though.

On our way up the mountain to the cabin there’s mostly a paved road then you make a turn to the gravel road.  I love gravel roads!  Chris is always worried about the damage to the car, but I just enjoy the sound of the tires over the gravel.  We turned one of the corners and found this!

Chris got out of the car to be the hero.  He moved that tree all by himself.  Ten minutes after that we were walking into our favorite place.  We unpacked the car as quickly as we could, settled in and jumped in the hot tub!  Well, we don’t actually jump – neither of us would survive that very well.  We very carefully got into the hot tub for the first of many soaks.

We had delicious steak tacos that night and sighed that great “It’s vacation time” sigh, excited about the week together.




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