Hanging out and Planning

4 06 2011

Day Two:

Sunday of our trip was spent mostly at the cabin.  And really, mostly in the hot tub.  We love just hanging out in the hot tub.  There’s a beautiful view.  It’s nice to just relax.  We spend long amounts of time just laying there, listening to the sound of the jets.  We should have stayed there, but we convinced ourselves that we should go into town.

We got cleaned up and headed down to civilization.  We drove down the strip in Pigeon Forge to check out show times for a show we wanted to take Scott to when he joined us.  Chris wanted some new shirts, so we hit up the outlet mall.  As we were leaving, I started to feel a bit sick to my stomach so we headed back to the cabin.  I’m pretty sure it was the pasta salad I made the night before.  It was supposed to be awesome but I think the broccoli was hinky. 

We took a nap, had pizza for dinner and watched some of the DVDs we brought with us to end our evening.




4 responses

6 06 2011

So jealous! I love hottub hangouts. 🙂

8 06 2011
Kelly Sullivan

You know how you always say you want to go on our trips to go to all the cool places? I want to go on yours that is quiet and you can sit in a hot tub and relax. Wanna trade sometime?? 🙂

8 06 2011

I’m thinking we get both of our families to go together sometime!

9 06 2011
Kelly Sullivan

That sounds like a plan, maybe a trip to Gatlinburg next spring or something!

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