American Idol – Top 2 Do More Songs

25 05 2011

Wow.  It’s finally here.  The last week of this season’s American Idol.  Tonight, the top 2 – Scotty and Lauren – will perform.  I’m predicting that Scotty will win this year.  That’s if the voting is rigged or if the voting is really county by the American people.  I think there’s too many young girls voting and Scotty is adorable, funny and can sing.  Even if it’s rigged by the powers that be, don’t you think they’d want Scotty to win?  They already have Carrie Underwood topping the country charts as an American Idol winner.  I bet they’re thinking they can corner the male artist in country music as well by making Scotty win.  So whether it’s fixed or not, my money’s on Scotty.

Contestant’s sing their favorite song from the season.

Scotty McCreeryGone – Not as fun as the first time around, but really good.  Sounds like it could really be his song.

Interesting, no judges critique.

Lauren AlainaFlat on the Floor – She seems a lot more mature and seasoned during this performance.  Love it. 

Contestants sing songs that their Idols pick for them.

Scotty McCreery – George StraitCheck Yes or No – Oh, another great performance.

Lauren AlainaCarrie UnderwoodMaybe it was Memphis – Now, I thought she sang a Shania Twain song during their Idols week.  Hmm, maybe Shania was too busy on her book tour to pick a song for her.  She did okay with the song, but it felt a bit rushed.

Actually, this whole show seems kinda rushed to me.  No judge comments, just performance then commercial again and again.

Now, we’re getting some judge remarks.  Randy gives one round to each and Jennifer agrees.  Steven gives them both to Lauren because she is prettier.  What kind of answer is that?

There’s some debut of a new song that American helped to write, but I don’t really care so I’m gonna fast forward!  Is that bad of me?

How is it that there’s 30 minutes more of the show and they’ve done 4 songs and only 2 are left??

Next are the songs they will release first if they win.  I thought they usually sang the first song.  Hmm.

Scotty McCreeryThis Big– My DVR did something funky and I missed a few minutes right before Scotty’s performance.  This sounds like a pretty good song for him if he wins.

Lauren Alaina – Like my Mother Does – Wow, that was a beautiful song and she did wonderful.  Maybe she’ll get the emotional vote tonight!

Ahh, Scotty and Lauren are hanging out like Justin and Kelly.  Justin was so supportive when Kelly won.  Scotty came out telling Lauren she had it.  Sweet.


I don’t think I’ll be disappointed either way this goes tonight.

Yeah, I haven’t changed my mind.  I still do not like the entire group singing together.  It looks like it should be fun and sound good, but I’m not a fan!  It’s nice to see Stefano and Paul again, though.

James and Judas Priest are performing together.  Lots a fire and rockin’ it out.

Jacob and Kurt Franklin.  Yeah, I’m fast forwarding this.

Casey and JACK BLACK sing Queen’s Fat Bottom Girls!  I love all four!!!

The girls are singing.  Not a terrible string of Beyonce songs. 

Hayley and Tony Bennett are singing together.  At first I thought it was kinda odd, but they sound great together.  Wow!  I love Hayley!

Did Ryan just say TLC?  He sure did!  That’s a surprise, but I’m gonna jam out now.

Scotty and Tim McGraw?  Lucky Scotty.  Holy Moly, Tim McGraw.   I swear they must pour him into his jeans.  That’s okay with me, but it must take a long time to get him dressed.

What the heck did Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony just do on the stage? 

Whoa, the boys are starting to sing a Prince song…is he gonna show up?  I sure hope so.  Aww, the next song isn’t a Prince song.  I’m let down.  Okay, after that I fast forwarded through the rest.

It looks like Lady Gaga stole Brett Michael’s bandana and bedazzled it.  Haha.  The more I see of Lady Gaga, the more I love her.  What the hell?  Where did they drop to?

Lauren and Carrie Underwood look like they’re having fun together.  Get him, girls!

Are you kidding me, Beyonce again? 

Steven Tyler is singing.  So sad that the rest of Aerosmith isn’t there to back him up.  I bet they really think he sold out by signing up for American Idol.  So sad.

Okay, I think it’s finally time….













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