24 05 2011

Chris and I watch a lot of crime based dramas – NCIS (old and new), CSI (only the original), The Glades, Criminal Minds (old and new), Rizzoli and Isles, Breakout Kings and Bones.  Every time the good guys are chasing the bad guys, I’m always yelling at the TV  “Shoot ’em in the ass!”  “Shoot ’em in the leg!”.  I fuss at Chris – “Why can’t they just shoot them somewhere so they’ll stop running?  It would be so much easier.  That’s what I would do.” I usually get some kind of “oh really?” response.

Well, I have found my soul mate.  Special Agent Olivia Dunham.  We started the first season of Fringe a few weeks ago.  Tonight, she shot a runner in the leg!  I screamed with excited!  “That’s what I’m freaking talking about!”  Finally, someone with some common sense.  I’m sure there’s some perfectly wonderful explanation why they can’t go shooting everyone in the leg or ass to stop them from running – protocol, too much paperwork, it wouldn’t be that exciting to watch, etc. but I am happy to have seen it at least once!

Thank you, Special Agent Olivia Dunham, thank you.




2 responses

25 05 2011
The Good Greatsby

I totally support a shot to the leg to drop a runner. I also support shouting advice to the TV.

25 05 2011

I’m glad someone is on my side!

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