American Idol – Top 3 do all kinds of songs

22 05 2011

The Top 3 are going home for the big hometown welcome.  Can you imagine?  Leaving your city for a longshot contest like American Idol and the first time you come back, they have a parade for you!  You get to perform for a huge stadium of your fellow neighbors and they’re screaming your name??  What a mind-blowing experience for sure.  Oh, and you’re under 20 years old.  Holy Moly.

Tonight, they’re singing 3 songs a piece – Contestants get to pick one, Jimmy will pick one and the judges will pick the other.

Beyonce will help the contestants with their song choices.

Scotty McCreeryAmazed – Such a lovely and sweet song.  He’s doing a great job, but I’m wondering how it will compare to the other two.  Will this seem kinda boring?

Lauren AlainaWild One – Fun song.  She’s fun.  Has she sang Independence Day?  If not, she should.

Hayley ReinhartWhat is and What Should Never Be – Hayley makes me wanna watch performances of songs I’m not familiar with, which is hard to do.  I usually skip them, but I love her and her voice.  Whoa, she just fell coming back up the stairs.  It was quick and she recovered well and it didn’t seem to mess with her head.  Great job! 

Next round is Jimmy’s picks.

Scotty McCreeryAre You Gonna Kiss Me or Not – This a new country song that I love.  Sounds like something he could have recorded himself.  Nice job.

Lauren AlainaIf I Die Young – Another new song.  And another perfect pick from Jimmy!  She did wonderful.  Maybe he could pick a song that’s a perfect fit for me.  haha

Hayley ReinhartRhiannon – Not a new song this time.  But a perfect fit for Hayley.  Jimmy is a genius.  I loved it. 

Now the judges pick songs for them.  Well, after a new video from Beyonce…

Scotty McCreeryShe Believes in Me – Nice performance. 

Lauren AlainaI Hope You Dance – Sold on the first line!  She’s wonderful.

Hayley ReinhartYou Oughta Know – Nice lyric change!  haha.  Wow!  Love her!

Kinda strange that it’s down to two country singers and a rocker.  Tonight’s vote could go all sorts of ways.  Wow.  I think Hayley may have won it for me.  As much as I love Lauren and Scotty, I think Hayley has it at this point for me.

Time for the results show!

Oh my goodness!  It’s an Italian Jonas Brothers.  hahahahaha  Some Italian band is performing.  Why?  Kinda freaky that those voices are coming out of those bodies!

After 50 minutes, we’re finally getting some results! 

Scotty is in the final.

And so is Lauren.

Two country singers in the finale…who will win?

Too bad for Hayley.  I hope she gets picked up by someone for a record.




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