Soccer Games, Lemonade Stands and Flowers

15 05 2011
Yesterday was Katlyn and Sarah’s last games of the season.  It was starting to move toward the chilly side yesterday but mostly it was beautiful weather.  I left the house in a rush and forgot my camera so I don’t have pictures from yesterday.  I’ll have to find some from earlier in the season and post them later for you.  Katlyn scored a very exciting/funny goal yesterday.  They were all kinda staring at the ball.  She was right in front of it but it looked like she was being polite and letting a boy from the other team have at it.  Well, he kicked it and it flew up and hit another of his teammates in the face.  All the kids stopped, like they figured there would be a time out.  All of a sudden, they realize the ball is still live and Katlyn went after it.  She took it to the goal and made it in!  We all cheered for her.  I felt a tiny bit bad for the boy with ball face, but was super excited for Katlyn. She scored their only one for the game.  Sarah didn’t make a goal yesterday, but she worked her tail off.  She had a few almosts, but kept getting blocked.  She did score 3 times earlier in the week!

After the games, we headed over to the Festival of Flowers, sponsored by the Beechmont Neighborhood Association.  Mom and Daddy had to make a pit stop with Sarah, so when I passed a Lemonade Stand, I had to stop.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of lemonade.

This isn't THE lemonade stand I supported, but it's similar. I found it on Google Images

The festival had a little bit of everything – Flowers, Herbs, Pottery, Jewelry, Home-Made Ice Cream, Music and food.  I hope to remember to be on the lookout for it next year.  Actually, since my friend Kelly told me about it this year, I bet she’ll be my reminder next year too.  She’s great about know what’s going on where.  I tried to take some shots with my iPhone of the festival, but had no luck.  I was able to get some great one of the girls, though. 

Here’s Sarah with my new cookbook – Kentucky Hospitality II.

Katlyn enjoying her hotdog.

I was really happy to get to the Beechmont Festival of Flowers to find a great set up and a fun afternoon.  Mom found a violet pot that she really liked.  The girls got the fun headbands they’re sporting in these pictures and I may have gotten an idea for a project.  We have a patio between our back door and garage.  There’s an L-Shaped area that has some things planted.  It’s getting a bit crazy back there because I have no green thumbs and no idea how to do anything related to growing plants.  But Mom and Daddy pointed out some plants that would look really nice back there.  I’m thinking about it.  It would be a project, though.  The mulch is looking bad, there’s leaves all over and let’s not forget…I’m scared!  I’ll let you know what I decide.




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15 05 2011
Kelly Sullivan

Umm, hello, I am Mrs. Green thumb herself. I’ll help if you need it, I love to play in the dirt 🙂 I only remember this happens every year because I stumble upon a reminder, this year at Sister Beans.

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