Creamy Corn Dip

15 05 2011

What a simple and delicious recipe I have to share with you today.  This is another I took to the Derby party.  I picked this one up from Mary Jane at work.  It’s gooood.  Not very healthy for ya, but it’s so yummy.


Small Bag of Frozen Corn
8 ounce Cream Cheese, softened
Stick of Butter
Jalapenos or Chilis, depending on the level of heat you want 

Decide how much you want to make in your batch.  If you want a small portion, use one bag of corn, one cream cheese and one stick of butter.  As you double your recipe, you keep adding one of each of those.  For the Derby party, I used three of each and had a pretty full crock pot.  For the jalapenos, I get that small can you see in the picture and for the 3 size batch, I put about 3/4ths of the can in the crock pot, but I wish I would have used the whole can.  This ingredient is gonna vary depending on your taste buds.


I prefer Fritos to use with this dip, but tortilla chips are good too.




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