American Idol – Top 4 do Inspiring and Lieber and Stoller Songs

15 05 2011

I gambled last night.  It’s been a rough week with the passing of a dear friend and I just couldn’t stay up to watch American Idol like I’ve been doing on Thursday nights.  I went to bed and steered clear of all radio, live tv and internet home pages today so that my fun would not be ruined tonight.  I made it.  It’s time to warm up the DVR and put my not-so-important opinions out in the blogosphere.

James DurbinDon’t Stop Believing – Rock of Ages, Glee and now James!  It was okay.  I’m not totally wowed or anything, but it was good. 

Hayley ReinhartEarth Song – Her hair style and top tonight are making her look a lot older than she is.  I’m not sure if I’ve heard this song before but it was a good performance.  Two of the judges don’t like it.

Scotty McCreeryWhere were you when the World Stopped Turning – Smooth performance. 

Lauren AlainaAnyway – I just like her. 

Seems like the judges are trying to sway America – they want Hayley off.

Hayley ReinhartI Who Have Nothing – I hope she knocks them dead!   I thought she did amazing! 

Scotty McCreeryYoung Blood – Fun song, but I’m not all that impressed with his performance.  Wonder if he picked his songs on purpose tonight.  The first one for the heart-strings of America and the second one for the hearts of teenagers everywhere.

Lauren AlainaTrouble – Perfect start but this is not a favorite Lauren performance for me.

James DurbinLove Potion #9 – Wow, a rocker version.  Where’s the hip movement Gaga showed you?  Whoa, a true rocker, teasing ending.  Awesome!

I have to say that Steven Tyler does not look like a part of the family.  Randy and Jennifer are all cozy and Steven seems kinda disgruntled.  Hmm…

Recaps coming…
I think Scotty should go.  But I bet Hayley goes home. 

James and Scotty’s performance was not all that great.  Let’s see how the girls do.  Oh, much better!  Terrific, gals.  Lauren should have shown this sass in her Trouble performance!

Lauren is the first one safe tonight!  Yay!

Lady Gaga and Enrique.  Applause for you, American Idol.  Great bookings.  I even enjoyed Jordan Sparks and her new song. 

It’s kinda funny how they take one hour to give a 2 minute result. 

Finally, we find out that Hayley made it to the top three!  WOW.  WHOA.  That means that either Scotty or James is going home.  It should be Scotty…and it’s not!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  I was for sure that after this week’s performances he would win the whole thing.  He’s been consistent and wonderful through this entire process.  I know I didn’t predict him winning early on, but always thought he’d be in the top three!  I’m shocked and a bit disappointed.  Without James in the top three, it looks kinda weak standing up there.





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