American Idol – Top 6 do songs by Carole King

7 05 2011

I recognize Carole King’s name but I’m not really sure who she is.  Chris said his mother loves her music.  Oh!  They are playing a tape – got it!  Wow!  25 records?!  Maybe I should be on the lookout for some of her albums.  This should be a pretty good show tonight.

Ahh…they’re going to perform in pairs as well as solos.  I like that.

Jacob LuskOh No Not My Baby – Check out that jacket!  Fast Forward!  I’ll just see what the judges say.

Lauren Alaina Where You Lead – She’s a cutie.  Love her personality.  Holy Crap!  It’s Miley Cyrus!  Great performance by Lauren.  Who is that dude she brought up on stage to sing to?  Oh, nobody.

Hayley and Casey I Feel the Earth Move – Two growlers, should be interesting.  Uh-oh, the music sounds too loud.  You can barely hear them over the music – what a shame.

Scotty McCreeryYou’ve Got a Friend – Nice start.  Love the strings playing with him.  He’s doing a nice job but it’s kinda boring.  Is that Laverne or Shirley behind Randy?

James DurbinWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow – Awesome start of this song!  Strong performance.  How does he get so high and then sound beautiful in the low notes right after?

Scotty and LaurenUp On the Roof – They’re so fun together and sound great too!

Casey AbramsHidey Ho – This ought to be a good, fun performance.  Love the band on stage with him.  Judges seem to agree.

Hayley ReinhartBeautiful – She just started and I love it!

James and Jacob I’m Into Something Good – The pants on James are a little snug!  Cute bit with Jennifer Lopez.  Who will get to scream at the end?  Oh, yeah, both.  Haha

Recap going on…Jacob better go home.  Not that things are gonna get easier to pick who should go home, but it should be Jacob tonight.  I’m starting to think Scotty may not be in the top 3.  I think Jacob this week and then it’ll be time for Scott to go.

Results show started.  Ryan said a lot of fans will be disappointed.  Hmm, maybe it is Scotty tonight…I still love him but I’m thinking he’s not the next American Idol and better off not winning.

Holy Moly, they’re going to let them all sing together.  Carole King had a shitload of awesome songs!  They didn’t make me throw up in my mouth this time.  Bravo.

Crystal from last season is performing.  I think I kinda like her but I’m not finishing this…fast forward.

Fan Q&As are always fun.

Individual results

Hayley – Safe.  Yay!
Scotty – Bet he’s in the bottom, oh Ryan is making us wait.
Lauren – Another wait.
Casey – What the hell?  More Waiting!
James – is safe.
Jacob – ?
Lauren is safe.

Bruno Mars is singing something I don’t know so he gets the fast forward.  Bet this worked better when people couldn’t do that.  Artists could really force new songs on us.  Now, we have the power to skip it.

Jacob is safe!

uh-oh…Casey and Scotty… who will it be?  I’m predicting Scotty.  And it is…Casey.  Strange!  I think Casey is a better choice for an American Idol than Jacob and Scotty. 

Chris will not be pleased.  Not that he cares but last week he said this was the only guy that could sing.




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