American Idol – Top 7 do music from the 21st Century

7 05 2011

This should be interesting.  We’re in Gatlinburg and I’m gonna try to watch American Idol with Scott and Chris here!

They’re opening with a performance by contestants that were previously kicked off.  And OMG!  This is why I don’t watch these things live anymore.  They are butchering another one of my favorite songs and artists.  I wanna fast forward!  Make it go away!  American Idol, quit making these people sing together.  It hurts my ears!  Not a good way to sell tickets to the summer shows either.

Oh, they’re gonna talk (make fun) of each other in clips before their performances.  Fun!  This is such a fun group this year.

Scotty McCreerySwingin’ – OMG!  I’m freaking out!  Screaming and cussing.  This was NOT originally recorded in the 21st century.  Maybe that’s why he can sing it and get by with it since it was re-recorded in the 21st century.  But I feel like he cheated by doing a song that was originally recorded by John Anderson in the 80’s.  Huff.  Oh, how did he do?  I don’t like it.  (Probably because I feel this was a dirty pick.  They aren’t even giving John Anderson credit!  Whatever.

James Durbin Uprising – Pretty cool performance!  He’s all about putting on a show.  The marching band with him is a nice touch. 

Hayley ReinhartRolling in the Deep – Wonderful performance!  Terrific job, really.  I love it.

Jacob Lusk – Dance with my Father – Pretty good.  Typical Jacob.

Casey AbramsHarder to Breathe – He looks kinda scary sometimes when he sings.  But I like him.  Aww, he just kissed Jennifer Lopez!  Cute.

Stefano LangoneCloser – Ohh…I love him.  He’s so cute. 

Lauren AlainaBorn to Fly – I love her.

Okay, tonight, I’m ready for Jacob and (gasp) Scotty to be in the bottom.  I’m still mad over the singing of a re-recorded song when it’s supposed to be 21st century recordings.  Most people probably don’t even realize it since they didn’t bother to mention the first recording in the 80’s.

Okay, I might be able to listen to this group performance.  We’ll see if my ears bleed or not.

Casey is safe.  Jacob is not.  He’s in the bottom again.

David Cook’s performing.  I like him.  I think I purchased his CD after American Idol.

Lauren and James are safe, but Stefano is going to the bottom three.

Scotty and Hayley are left.  Scotty definitely deserves to be in the bottom.  Hayley’s performance was great and he cheated.  Wow!  Where is this relationship going with Scotty?  I used to really love him. 

Grr…they put Hayley in the bottom.  But before a performance by Katy Perry, she was sent back to the safe side.

So, Jacob and Stefano are the bottom two.  I hope it’s Jacob.  *sad face*  It was Stefano.  Buh-Bye, Cutie.




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