American Idol – Top 5 do Then and Now

7 05 2011

Wow!  They’re gonna stretch 5 performances into one and a half hours!  When will the show go down to just an hour?  Thank goodness for DVRs.

I see Callie from Grey’s Anatomy!  She’s gorgeous.

Aww…that makes more sense.  The contestants are going to sing two songs a piece tonight.  One from back in the day and one recently recorded.  Sheryl Crow is helping to mentor them.  I love her voice and her songs.  What?  She was a back-up singer for Michael Jackson?  Did you know that?

James Durbin – Closer to the Edge – Wonder how long it took them to do his hair?  That effortless, just got out of bed look takes a lot of time and product!  Okay, I do not recognize this song so you know what that means…fast forward!  Wait!  Fire on stage again!  He like the pyrotechnics.  Judges like him as usual.

Jacob Lusk No Air – America, send him home already!  He’s got some pipes on him, but he’s not an American Idol.  I would turn this song over in the car.  And I’m fast forwarding now…

Lauren Alaina – Flat on the Floor – She looks awesome!  Love her performance.

Scotty McCreery – Gone – Love this song.  Love this song.  Whoo!  Great jump off the stage.   That could have gone bad.  haha  This is a real fun song for him.  I like it a lot.

Hayley ReinhartYou and I – She’s beautiful tonight.  This is an awesome song for her.  Wonder what Lady Gaga’s version sounds like.  They said it hasn’t been released yet.  Uh-oh, Jennifer isn’t sold that this was the right song choice since no one knows it yet.  Usually, I would agree, but I loved it.

Then Songs…

James DurbinWithout You – Beautiful song.  And he’s doing a beautiful job with it. 

Jacob Lusk Love Hurts – I’m kinda excited about hearing this song from him.  I’m impressed.  But I haven’t changed my mind about him.  What?!?!?  Really?  Anthony Hopkins is an American Idol fan?  Did you just see him?

Lauren Alaina Unchained Melody – This is going to be really beautiful.  That’s an amazing dress on her – pretty colors, bling and showing some skin.  And yes, she did an awesome job.

Scotty McCreeryAlways on my Mind – Wow, maybe tonight Scotty has won my heart back.  Very pretty song.

Hayley Reinhart The House of the Rising Sun – I LOVE the beginning of this song and I love Hayley!  Awesome, just awesome.

Time for the results show!  I’m excited.  Not only is Jennifer Lopez performing (fingers crossed it’s her new one) but so is Lady Antebellum.

Let me think about it…..uhm….send Jacob home.  Really. 

Oh my goodness!  Just have guest performances on the results shows cause these group performances really kill me, as you know.  This is not the first time I’ve said this or fast forwarded!

Cute segment with Chef Ramsey and the omelet making.

Yay to Lady A!

Time for some results…

Well, not really.  James was put on one side of the stage and Lauren was put on the other.  Probably splitting them up between top and bottom.  But that’s all.  Now its commercial time.  Surprise, surprise.

Another cute segment with Gordon Ramsey.

Jennifer Lopez time!  I love this song.  I never knew I was a Jennifer Lopez music fan. 

Uh-oh.  They just put Jacob on the same side as Lauren.  Hayley is going to the same side with James.  And Scotty is safe.  Ryan is trying to get him to stand with the two that he feels is also safe.  Dirty!  Ryan pushed him towards Hayley and James.  That means Lauren is in the bottom two!  Whoa.  Jacob deserves to go home tonight.  Not Lauren. 

Jacob is going home.  It’s really how it should be.  He’s a terrific performer and has sung some wonderful songs, but he’s really not an American Idol.




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