American Idol – Top 8 do Music from the Movies

14 04 2011

Maybe it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of life, but I’ve learned my lesson from last week.  I’m staying up tonight to watch the performances.  I have a glass of Mountain Dew and some popcorn – Don’t tell Chris!

Paul McDonaldOld Time Rock N Roll from Risky Business – Not my favorite performance from him.  His voice isn’t strong enough for me in this song. 

Lauren AlainaThe Climb from some Miley Cyrus movie – Wow, I forget how young Lauren is!  I love Miley Cyrus, but please, for an American Idol performance?  I do like this song and I like Lauren singing it tonight.

Stefano LangoneEnd of the Road from Boomerang – Are they going to mention that everyone insinuated that it was a shock that Pia was going home because he clearly was the worst?  I doubt it.  This is the type of music he could be singing.  Love songs.  He’ll be great on the Top Idols tour, but I’m not sure he’s the winner.  OH!  And what a cutie!  haha

Scotty McCreeryI Cross My Heart from Pure Country – I love this song and I love George.  Good performance.

Casey AbramsNature Boy from The Boy With The Green Hair – I would have loved to see him sing his other choice, In the Air Tonight.  I guess this is a cool performance, but I like it better when I know the songs.

Hayley ReinhartCall Me from American Gigilo – Great performance from her.  Good pick for her voice.  Hmm, the first one that I really liked tonight is the one the judges don’t seem to like it. 

Jacob LuskBridge Over Troubled Water from The Pursuit of Happiness – Jacob seems sad.  He’s consistent with his performances – beautiful and powerful voice.

James DurbinHeavy Metal from Heavy Metal – He’s also very consistent with his performances.  I would have been interested to hear what suggestions Jimmy had for him. 

If Pia were still here think she’d do the Titanic Song or one from The Bodyguard? 

Oh!  I wish someone would have done Footloose!

Maybe it’s because I’m up past my bedtime but I was not overly entertained tonight with these guys.  Or maybe I don’t like the movie theme.  Who knows.

They’re showing the recap – I’m not sure who is in danger of going home at this point.  Maybe I need to sleep on it.

Okay, it’s Thursday night and I’m a little clearer.  James, Scotty and Lauren are still who I think will be in the top three at the end.  For tonight, I think Casey, Jacob and Hayley may be in the bottom.  Let’s get started and see what happens!

Finally!  Rhianna, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean will be performing and the Idols will be singing in groups/pairs again.  MUCH better, Idol.

Lauren and Scotty singing American Honey.  Love this song and a sweet performance. 

AHHHH!  Zombies?!?!  Really?  Maybe I should see a therapist about my apparent Zombie issues.

Hayley and Casey are singing a song I don’t think I care about.  Hayley looks and sounds great.  (Chris just ask who this jerk-off was.  Guess he’s not a Casey fan.)

Scotty, Lauren, Casey and Hayley – with Hayley in the bottom.  Not such a big surprise.

Rob Reiner’s segment was funny.

I love Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean separately.  They are terrific together. 

Jacob, Paul, Stefano and Jacob – Fun performance.  Which two in the bottom?  I think Jacob and Paul.  It is…Stefano and Paul.

Rhianna’s dress is beautiful.  Chris thinks Reba influenced her hair choice since she was just on the CMA’s with her.  haha

Aww….it’s time for Paul to go home.  I think I’m okay with that, but I hope to see an album soon!




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