American Idol Top 9 do Rock N Roll

9 04 2011

shit.  SHIT.  SHIT!

I should have known my streak would have to end at some point.  I mean, things have been ruined for me before when I tried to avoid knowing the surprise when the rest of the world already knows. We were DVRing Harper’s Island and I happened to piece together the killer from someone’s Facebook status.  We had the last episode to watch that night!  AHH! 

Then there was the time I was reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  My friend and then co-worker, Debbi, is a super fast crazy reader and she had finished the book and was waiting on slow poke me to finish so we could talk about it.  I knew there was something big that happened during the later part of the book.  I avoided all conversations, internet sites that would spoil the surprise and made Debbi wait for me.  And wouldn’t you know, in the most unsuspecting place, the surprise was ruined.  I was crushed.  I opened the newsletter from one of my favorite websites.  WARNING – Not for children or the easily offended adults.  T-Shirt Hell.  Miss Happy-Go-Lucky here was busting up at their newest shirts and there it was. . .

Tonight Folks, I’ve done it again.  I started up the DVR’d episode of Bones for me and Chris to watch tonight.  And since our DVR is genius, it always records a few minutes before and after each show.  I didn’t even think about it!!  American Idol was on right before Bones.  AHAHAHAH!!  I cussed and cussed for quite some time.  I’m very disappointed to know who was voted off like this.  I guess that’s what I get for not staying up to watch them when they’re on in real-time.

Of course, from my previous posts, you know that I’m in favor of the decision, but it still hurts to find out this way.

Anyway, Chris has left for work and it’s time for me to start the show!  I can still critique as I watch.  : )

This week’s theme is Rock n Roll.  Think that was decision was made to push James forward this week?  Hmm.

Jacob Lusk – I love this Michael Jackson song.  Man in the Mirror makes me tear up sometimes when I hear it.  It’s so moving.  But it must be partially due to Michael’s voice.  Jacob did well, but I wasn’t moved.

Hayley Reinhart – Ohh…Janis I love.  Perfect for her voice, cause she sounds just like her sometimes.  But I wish she would have done another artist.

Casey Abrams – Great CCR song and great performance.  Not sure if I’ve said this before, but I think his voice could be added to the iPod.  I would buy his shit.

Lauren Alaina – She looks awesome!  Great song for her.  Still love her voice. 

James Durbin – Surprising but smart choice.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song.  Beautiful song and a great showcase for his softer side.  I mean, everyone loves Poison’s Every Rose has its Thorn, right?

Scotty McCreery – Elvis!  Elvis!  Cute song for him.  I’d rather listen to him than watch him sing this one, though.  Too many quirks going on.  He just got rushed on the stage!

Pia Toscano – Oh I love this song!  Honestly, I think I first heard it on Glee.  But I loved it as soon as I heard it.  After seeing that performance on Glee, I know it can be done with much more energy than Pia’s giving.  But she’s got an awesome voice.  And she’s gorgeous.  Jennifer was right on.  She’s a great singer, but she needs to work on the performance part.

Stefano Langone – In case you missed it HERE or HERE or maybe HERE, I think he’s so cute!  Great song for him and he did it well.  I’m not sure it holds up to the rest of the performances, but it was a solid performance for him.

Paul McDonald – The more I hear him, the more I think he sounds like Rod Stewart.  I think Paul’s great and it looked like he’d been doing this forever!  Awesome performance.

Okay, not really fair to make predictions at this point since I already know the outcome.  Let’s start the elimination episode.

Do you think America really decides?  Do you think the competition is fixed?  After tonight there will only be two girls left.  We’ve had male American Idols the past few years and it feels like it’s time for a female to win.  But that seems unlikely since the females are close to being non-existent.

You know, since they all have such different types of voices at this time, I’m not sure I like them ALL singing together.  Weird sounds.  Hope they break them up throughout the show again.  That was much better.

You know they show these Ford Videos/Commercials, but I’ve never seen them anywhere but the American Idol shows.  Strange. 

Russell Brand is talking to the contestants.  I LOVE HIM!  Chris hates him but I love him.  I find him HE-larious.  Chris thinks I just like his accent.

Aww, Stefano’s in the bottom three.

AHH…Constantine is going to perform next.  I really did not like him when he was on Idol before.  I was disappointed when I found out he was going to be in Rock of Ages.  I really did not want to see it then, but I was so impressed with the show and Constantine that I went twice!  I now have a little crush on him.  Hope he doesn’t squash my new-found love for him with this performance.  GO WOLFGANG!  Still love him.  : )

Another is going to the chairs…I predict Pia will be in the bottom three.  Wow.  Lots and lots of booing.  Boy are they going to be upset!

Great segment with TMZ.  Funny group of people.  Maybe I should put that my list of top dream jobs.

James, Hayley and Jacob…I predict Jacob in the bottom.  And I’m right.

Jacob, Pia and Stefano are in the bottom three.  The judges look a little surprised, but are they?  Jennifer seems very upset.  I think they already know. 

Iggy was a bit of a hot mess.  American Idol, you did better with performances this week, but I know you can do better.

Everyone is just so shocked an upset that Pia’s going home, but I wish someone would ask the judges who they think should be going home at this point.  Every week will probably be this upsetting for them because all of the top nine are great. 

I bet Stefano feels like shit – he was standing up with her at the end.  With everyone saying they were angry she’s going home, he must feel like everyone blames him that he squeaked by.

I stand by my thoughts on Pia.  She’s beautiful and has a beautiful voice, but when it comes down to record sales, I’m not seeing me supporting her.

Until next time.




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