Platter Project

3 04 2011

Scott, the little brother, and I went to The Paint Spot for a class on how to make a cool platter.  This is what our platters looked like before we started.

First thing was to choose the style we were making. Mine’s the cross.  Scott’s is the Fleur de Lie across the table.  We cut out our design and placed them on the platter.

 We sponged the background color.

 Once the background color was dry, we could pick up the paper design and then paint our design.


 We added details to our design.  Dotting the edges gave the pieces a real nice touch. 

Scott posed for this picture in order to show the gray and bald spot details.  haha 

 I chose just a few dots around the main points of the cross.  I’m mostly happy with the inside details.  The orange accents are exciting.  I hope they turn out nice once the piece is fired.

  We added scallops and some more dots around the edge.  Scott put his inside the scallops; I put mine in between them.

  To be honest, I was not good at scalloping and I’m a little concerned that I ruined the platter. 

Now for the big finale…drum roll, please… 






2 responses

3 04 2011

They look so nice! I still haven’t gotten my plate. I keep forgetting.

3 04 2011

Thanks! I looked for it both times we were in there, but I couldn’t find it.

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