American Idol – Top 11 (again) do Elton John

3 04 2011

Here we go again.  I’m watching American Idols days after everyone else and the same 11 contestants are going to perform.  My suspicions were correct – 2 will have to go home this week since they saved one last week.

What the heck happened to Ryan’s hair?

Scotty McCreery – I’m not sure I’ve ever heard this song before, but Scotty is wonderful.  He really will have a career no matter what the outcome here on American Idol will be for him.  Nice Grandma shout out.

Naima Adedapo – I’m not sure I like her accent she seems to have found.  Do all reggae singers fake that?  But I like the way she did this song.  Very creative.  Whoops…the judges just started talking and they didn’t like it.

Paul McDonald – Rockin’ that crazy jacket again!  It’s not a wowing performance, but I still love him.

Pia Toscano – Beautiful voice but I’m bored again with her on stage.  (fast forwarding)

Stefano Langone – Love his song choice Hold Me Closer Tony Danza.  haha  Good performance.  He’s so cute!  He kept his eyes open!

Lauren Alaina – Love this song and love Lauren!

James Durbin – Awesome!  He’s ready to rock!  Uhm, do they know the piano is on fire?!?

Thia Megia – Beautifully done.  The music is fantastic.

Casey Abrams – I’m SO glad they’re cleaning his face up!  It was getting a bit much.  Sweet song.  Casey did it well.

Jacob Lusk – He’s got a big voice.

Haley Reinhart – Awesome.  I love her growling voice.

Time for the results show…

Ryan’s hair is back to normal, in case you were wondering.

Scotty and Lauren’s performance was excellent.  Both should be SO saved…and they are!

Naima and Jacob’s performance wasn’t a favorite of mine, probably because I don’t really know the song.  One or both could be in the bottom…Jacob is safe.

Fantasia is gonna sing.  Never been a big fan and now I’m gonna skip right over her performance.  That was some good advice she gave to the contestants.

Hayley, Thia and Pia.  I love Katy Perry but they butchered the song for me.  Thia could be in the bottom…and she is.

James, Paul, Casey and Stefano have formed a mini band.  Pretty good performance.  Hmm, my guess is Stefano in the bottom…but it’s Paul.

So, Paul, Thia and Naima are in the bottom.  I hope Paul stays.

Skipping this performance too.  I need better guest performances, American Idol!

Sigh, I’m glad Paul made it through.  I don’t have much thoughts on Thia and Naima going home.  It seems like the right choices.  Good Job, Voters!




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9 04 2011
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