Fear of Zombies

1 04 2011

I’m not exactly sure what my deal is, but Zombies are extra scary to me.  I love all the undead – don’t get me wrong, but it appears that Zombies are the one thing that my OH MY GOD – SOMETHING’S GONNA GET ME irrational thoughts go straight to when it’s quiet and I’m alone.

We have a townhouse/condo that has a basement and a 2nd floor.  When I’m home alone at night, I’m usually in the basement so when it’s time to go to bed, I go up the basement stairs, down the hall to the front door and the stairs that lead up to the bedroom are right there.  As I pass the front door, I get the heebie jeebies.  In my mind, as I’m passing the door at night when all is quiet, I can imagine a Zombie punching through the glass with their decaying arm to grab me.  Ahh! 

I know!  Like it would EVER happen.  That part does not matter.  All that matters is that Zombie arm that’s so strong it would pull me through the front door in order for him to get to my delicious brains.

Well, last night I found a new place for Zombies to attack.  As I was leaving work alone in the big scary building, I started thinking about how quiet it was and that reminded me of the preview Chris and I watched the other night for The Walking Dead.  It’s a new TV Show about you guessed it – Zombies.  I was so distracted by the thought of Zombies roaming around outside our building that I forgot to set the alarm!  

I don’t remember anything that made me go “Yup.  I am now terrified of a Zombie attack.”  They just freak me out!

Just look at them.





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6 04 2011
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