31 03 2011

Chris and I went to Chicago around this time last year.  We didn’t hit all the tourist attractions on my list, but we had a great trip.  Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite pictures.  We spent some time with my friends William and BJ that currently (but not for long) live in Chicago.

Navy Pier was cool.  Shops, food, boats. 


Lots of birds (rats with wings) were out and about.  This is a pretty cool picture, but while we were there, they pooped on me!

 We explored the city a bit and found some neat looking buildings.

And pretty flowers.

William and BJ took us on a tour of the city via train.  It was a neat way to get around.  I think I could enjoy it for a short period of time, but I’m not convinced I would like it as a way of life.

I love pictures of trees.  I took this one near the beach.

Check out these trees!  Pretty cool.

A picture from our hotel room on the day we arrived.

Same shot, the day we were supposed to fly home.  No wonder our flight was canceled and we had to rent a car to come home!  I kept taking pictures and then we’d check the camera from earlier in the week.  “Wasn’t there a building there yesterday?”




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