Flash Mobs

29 03 2011

I have no idea why, but Flash Mobs get me choked up.  Seriously, I get a little emotional and sometimes tear up while watching them.  I think the whole idea of a massive number of strangers getting together and creating a dancing frenzy is just too much for me to handle.  It’s moving. 

If you’re not familiar with Flash Mobs, it’s like the Slow Clap that you see in movies.  One brave soul starts to dance – at first you think they’re insane and once you really start questioning their medication, a few more people join in.  And they’re not just dancing on their own!  They’re in perfect unison with each other.  There’s more people who join in, then more and more.  It’s absolutely amazing.

In case you want to see this wonder, here are some links of my favorites on You Tube.  Enjoy!

Sound of Music – My Top Favorite

Ohio State University with Glee Music!

Swedish Medical Center – Abba





2 responses

29 03 2011

This one’s a favorite of mine, because it happened at the UK library (after I was gone, unfortunately): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slnuAAQlAgU

29 03 2011

Awesome! It seems like something crazy we would have done with our Girl Scout Troop! That would have been a fun project for us to put together.

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