American Idol – Top 11 do Motown

26 03 2011

I’m late, but that’s okay!  I’ve avoided any talk or broadcasts about this week’s American Idol.  So it’s Friday at midnight and I’m gearing up the DVR.  They’re all doing Motown songs tonight.  I love a lot of that music and hope they do well with it.

Casey Abrams – His hair scares me, but I love his voice and what he did with the song.

Thia Megia – Much better for me.  Fun song and great voice.

Jacob Lusk – I really liked this performance.  I think it’s because he held back more on his high and drawn out notes.  He made me smile at him.  Sweet guy!

Lauren Alaina – She’s so fun!  I would have loved to work camp with her.  She’s got a solid voice.  Still a favorite of mine.

Stefano Langone – He’s so cute!  (Yes, it is you I’m looking for)  Wonderful performance. 

Haley Reinhart – I love that voice.  She looks hot tonight, too.

Scotty McCreery – I was a little worried about him doing Motown, but he made it sound like a real country song!  His deep voice is swoon worthy.  (How old is he?)

Pia Toscano – I’m bored…fast forwarding.

Paul McDonald – Wonder how long it took to get his hair to look like he just rolled out of bed?  Hair aside, I like him with the guitar.  It helps cut down the seizure like body movements.  Another awesome voice.  I’m really digging the distinct voices this year on American Idol.

Naima Adedapo – Great song for her.

James Durbin – He’s a performer! 

Hmm, at this point I don’t know who is going home…starting the elimination episode…

Everyone looks so shiny!  I love it when they do songs together.  It’s a real treat to see/hear them together.

You know, I think the judges will have a tough time from this point on deciding who to use the “save” for when they’re eliminated.  I really hate to see anyone go after this week’s performances.  But to be honest, I still do not think half of them should be The American Idol for reasons in my last post.

Okay, Hulk Hogan just walked out on stage.  Awesome!

When Casey was announced to go home…WOW.  I said that like four times.  But, as you know, he was saved by the judges.  Wow.  That means they cannot save anyone else this season.  That’s gonna be tough.  Does that also mean that two have to go home next week?  They may have answered that at the very end of the show, but my DVR cut it off.

In case anyone is really reading this, I want to point out that I do not vote.  Never have, but I always seem to have an opinion.  I love Kelly Clarkson now but I thought Justin was cheated.  HaHa.

I wonder about the people who ARE actually voting.  Who are  they?  Is it just the family and friends of the contestants and adolescent girls?  Interesting…




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28 03 2011
Kelly Sullivan

Hello, I’m a voter…OK not so much anymore but I used to be. And Justin had funny hair, that’s why Kelly Clarkson won 🙂

28 03 2011

What? You didn’t like his Side Show Bob hair? haha

9 04 2011
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