Catching Up on American Idol

21 03 2011

I’ve been watching American Idol this year and I am impressed.  For last few years, the pre-Hollywood shows have had the goal of making fun of the most people possible and I’ve skipped watching those espisodes.  This year however, I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode with the new judges.  It’s back to being a good show about a singing/performance competition.  Thank you, American Idol. 

I watched everything through Hollywood week pretty quickly after it aired on my DVR.  Once they started performing on the big stage, I stopped having time for it.  This weekend, I found some time to catch up to the rest of the world.  It was hard to turn off the radio every time someone started talking about the results!  Now that I’m to speed, I cannot make up my mind about who I think is tops this year.  Not that it really matters what I think, but here’s where I stand right now.  This is no particular order, just as they come to me.

Stefano is a cutie!  He looks like a young Joey from friends and boy can he sing.  Not sure I’d buy anything of his – guess it would depend on what style he would settle in.

Lauren is adorable and I love her personality and her voice.  I felt she really bombed on the Shania Twain song the other week.  It was missing so much of her fun personality.  I’m sure she’d have fun music like Miranda, Kelly and Carrie so my working dollars would go to her.

Paul just makes me smile when he performs!  What a contagious vibe he has and a different voice as well.  I could hear his songs on the radio because of that distinct voice.  Maggie Mae was a great performance for me.

Scotty is the cute country boy with the amazing deep voice.  He’ll go far no matter how far he goes in the competition.  They’ve really shown off his sense of humor and I think that helps boost his appeal also.  He’d get my money too.

James may be too much like Adam Lambert to actually win this year, but he has the heart and stage presence to have a career.  I’m a little torn on if I thought his CDs would end up in my collection.  He’d be another that I’d have to wait to see what was released.

Pia could take it this year.  She’s beautiful and sings beautiful.  I don’t see me buying her albums, but she could win if she keeps singing the way she has been.

Thia has a sweet voice but I’m not overly excited about her.  She’d be good for the Disney Channel.

Jacob is the same way.  I like watching him perform but I think there’s better choices for The American Idol.  If he has a great performance, I might purchase a song from iTunes, but I don’t think I’ll have many to select from on my iPod from Jacob.

Casey is always a treat.  I thought it was great he did a Nirvana song last week, but there wasn’t much to really sing in that song.  I’m not sure when Pearl Jam’s Jeremy came out but I think that would have been a better choice for him.  He’s another that I’m not so sure about what genre he’d end up in to know if I would be a supporter of his music after Idol.

I love Haley‘s voice, but I’m afraid she won’t make it much longer.  I’m pretty sure she would make albums that I would dig.

I liked Karen.  She was sweet and had a beautiful voice.  I was sad to see her go.  Not that I thought she could win it, but I would have liked to see more of her. 

I’m not a huge fan of Naima‘s.  I’m not even sure I could tell you any of the songs she’s sang recently.  Her wardrobe sticks out more to me than her singing.

So, after laying it all out like that I’m a little closer to knowing who to pull for at this time.  I’m thinking Lauren, Scotty and James in the top three.  Paul, Pia and Casey could be in the top six with them. 

What say you?  (Besides telling me to get a life! haha)




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