Fajitas, Snuggling and 3 Trips to the Grocery Store

17 03 2011

So far the new schedule has treated us pretty well!

I had to work late Monday night, but on Tuesday we went to Kroger and stocked up for some home made meals.  Yesterday when I got home, Chris notified me that he did indeed need bread and milk so we went back to Kroger.  🙂  I fixed fajitas and rice for dinner.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  We hadn’t had a sit down dinner at home together for a long while and we certainly hadn’t had fajitas in forever.  It was all so delicious.

We’ve been catching up on the DVR together.  Well, the shows he’ll watch without ruining the experience for me.

Things were going pretty good…and then the Rascal suggested I do (gasp) CHORES!  Yeah, he actually suggested that I help with the laundry.  I tried to whine myself out of helping, but he kept on so I had to help.

Tonight, I believe we need to go to Kroger yet again!  I am about to scream.  I thought we had it all planned out when we were there the first time, but he was secretly plotting against me.

This weekend I’m going to plan out the week’s meals and my goal will be to see K-Roger only once.  We are also going to take a stroll after dinner each night.

Having Chris home in the evenings might not be all that bad.

But I still don’t know when I’m going to catch up on American Idol!  Ha.




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