A Change…For the Better…?

14 03 2011

Today, Chris will start a new schedule for this next year.  He’s really excited about it and I’m mostly excited.  His new start time will be 10pm, instead of the 6pm we’ve had this past year.  This means he’ll be leaving the house around 9:15pm instead of 5pm. 

I typically get home around 4:40pm if I leave around the time I’m supposed to head out.  So, our time together has not been in surplus this past year.  We’ve barely seen each other during the week.  BUT that means I get to watch whatever I want on TV, read whenever I want, have chicken for dinner as much as I’d like and enjoy popcorn in the evenings.  All of this will go away starting tonight. 

It’s terrible, I know.  I should be excited about the positives…cooking dinner together, taking a walk in the evenings, having him home for most of Friday night and just spending more time together. 

I’ve been kidding him telling him to gear up for Glee, Big Love and Survivor!  He’s not being cooperative though.  Let’s hope we find a good balance soon.




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