Cheese Thief on the Loose!

11 03 2011

Pepper Jack Cheese

Here at the office, we have two refrigerators, one in the main break room and a second one in our fulfillment area.  The fulfillment ladies let me share theirs since I eat lunch with them everyday. 

Well…I brought in 3 slices of pepper jack cheese last week to have as a snack with my pretzels when I hit the afternoon munchies. 

I went to the fridge last Friday to get a piece of that cheese and it had been tampered with!  One piece was missing and a second piece had been broken to pieces – I don’t know what that was all about.  I wasn’t too upset since I don’t mind if one of the ladies had a piece.  We share with each other all the time and it’s no biggie because if you get a bite of something yummy then the next time you go to the grocery, you bring back something yummy.

The ladies did not eat my cheese!  I asked them this week to be sure no one else was getting into the fridge and they didn’t do it.  I was appalled.

Then, today about mid-morning I started thinking about that last piece of pepper jack cheese.  Mmm…so I went to the fridge to get it.  IT WAS GONE!

Not only was someone disrespectful and scrounged around our fridge for some cheese, BUT they had the balls to come back to the scene of the crime to take the last of it.

Hahahaha…this is hilarious.  For now, I’m sure it’ll get annoying if it keeps happening.




One response

12 03 2011
Kelly Sullivan

Hehe, girl, don’t mess with somebody’s snack. That’s just wrong!

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