Birthday Party Goodie Bags

22 02 2011

This weekend was Sarah’s 5th Birthday party and I put together the Goodie Bags for the kiddos!  Today, I am sharing the process with you, my dear reader(s), so that you too can be awesome.

The first step is to decide what the Goodies will go in.  I found these cute little boxes on Oriental Trading.

I continued shopping on this site and also hit up the local store that sell their items, Horner Novelty, to find a ton of great pieces.  Once I was finished spending all my money, I went home and took everything out of their boxes and packaging.  To see exactly what I had purchased, I put them in piles on a sheet in the basement.

Some close-ups of my favorites…by the way, Sarah is Bananas over Monkeys…

Parachuting Monkeys!!  My favorite find.

Noise Makers – you must have some of these.

Monkey Bubbles

These are magnets.  You color them in yourself!

Next, I picked up one of each item to see what was going in each box.

Before packing the boxes, I decorated the outsides.  I found these colorful Happy Birthday stick-ons to go on one side and Monkey stickers to go on the other side.

I love the different color boxes and how they turned out.




2 responses

23 02 2011
Kelly Sullivan

You’re awesome, Aiden loves them and is still playing with everything. 🙂 We played school with it all the other day.

23 02 2011

You’re so crafty. . .yay!

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