Whoops…The Fuzz Got Him

19 02 2011

I find this little story pretty funny, but Chris isn’t laughing at this one.

Last weekend, Chris dropped me off to get my nails done and he went to get my car washed.  The place closest was packed so he drove a little further down the road.  All of a sudden, he gets the red and blue lights flashing behind him.  He wondered at first if he was speeding, but when the Police Officer said he pulled him over due to expired tags Chris wasn’t surprised one bit.

See, my birthday is in December and my tags expired then.  I knew I was driving a ticking time bomb.  I had all kinds of intentions to get them taken care of soon.  I promise.

Unfortunately for him, Chris was the one driving when the Police pulled the car over.   Whoopsie.

He did go the next day and got my tags back to legal status.  What a Sweet-Heart.




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