A Case of the Mondays

9 08 2010

What the heck is this torture called “Monday”?  I mean, do we really need to be punished like this?  I know I do not feel I did anything wrong to deserve this. 

Last night, I slept wonderfully.  I didn’t have to get up to pee 20 minutes before the alarm went off (I do this often and it pisses me off).  I felt pretty good as I got up to take a shower…that’s when it all went downhill.  

I dropped the shaving cream out of the tub, I scraped the back of my leg on something in the bedroom, I was running late and realized I couldn’t find the safety-pin I need to keep the girls in my shirt all day and I was almost out the door when Chris reminded me that I had to write a check.  I get the checkbook out of my purse.  One more check left.  I thought I was lucky until I wrote the amount in the payee field.  (Shit!)  So I ran upstairs to rummage through the file cabinet to find a new checkbook.  When I finally get to the garage, I hit my arm getting into the car which I am sure will produce a very large bruise. 

I almost cried at this point. 

Hopefully, the only way this day can go is up.




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