Chicken Alfredo

6 08 2010

I had an amazing dinner last night!  Enjoy!

First, I fixed a delicious Mojito.  They’re my new love.  I found this mix at Kroger for a few bucks.

I fixed it in one of my fun glasses…
Mmm…I chopped peppers and put them in the skillet with some Olive Oil, Salt and Pepper
Pasta Cooking…
While those are on the stove, I opened a can of chicken.  Now, I’m sure I could have cooked the chicken myself, but this canned chicken has a good taste.  I purchase the Kroger brand.
Checking in on the peppers…they smelled SO good.
I used this Alfredo sauce.  Mom recommended it and it was the best I’ve had out of a jar.
Once it was all put together…
What did I do with the extra Peppers?  I put them with some Hummus for lunch!



4 responses

6 08 2010


6 08 2010

I’m having leftovers tonight!!

18 08 2010

Your pictures belong in a cookbook and I love the glass! Looks delicious, I think you should fix this on our next night out! 🙂

17 02 2011

Thanks, Jen! I love these glasses too. They make me nervous, but I love them.

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