Blogging Intern?

3 08 2010

I’ve needed a new hobby for a long time now.  And blogging has filled that void a bit but what are your thoughts on being a Blogging Intern?  No Pay.  Only Glory.  I have a full-time job so the no pay is fine with me.  

I subscribe to a really neat blog.

It’s all about cupcakes!  Yum! And so fun.  I have a whole list of recipes that I plan on trying and blogging about soon.  Yesterday, I received an update from their blog and they’re looking for two new interns.  They’re in New York so they want one to be in town with them, but would like the other one to come from the South, Midwest, or Pacific Northwest.  (I’m from the South, right?) 

Anyway, they say there would be about a 16 hour per week commitment.  I’m thinking I could do that.  It would be a very cool new hobby for me- visiting local bakeries, taking pictures, trying new recipes and then writing all about it.  Everyone knows I always have an opinion.  

My only hang-up is that I’m not sure I’m the right kind of person they’re looking for to join their blog.  I guess that’s their decision so that’s probably my true hang-up – failure, not being picked if I put my name in the ring. 

Oh, I can’t live in fear that they won’t pick me!  If they feel I’m not the right person, then it’ll be for the best.  But I’m going to do it.  I’m going to work on my “resume”.

Wish me luck!




One response

3 08 2010

Do it, do it, do it: even if you’re not quite the right fit for their blog, you could do some cupcake persuing for this blog on your own time, right?

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