Way to Connect the Dots!

2 08 2010

Chris and I went to dinner the other night to Outback Steakhouse and I ordered a new favorite of mine: Black Cherry Peach Mojito.  I mean, really, it’s delicious.  I’m going to attempt making it in large quantities for a Labor Day weekend cookout and cannot wait! 

Anyway, I ordered my drink and the waitress left the table.  “Shit.  I forgot to order a water too.”  Chris said, “We’ll ask her when she comes back.”  I answer with some attitude, “Well, if she’s a good waitress, she’ll bring the water.  Good wait-staff do that.” 

She was a good waitress.  Prompt drinks and she brought me a water.  *twinkle* 

A few days later, Chris and I are at Texas Roadhouse (Yes, we eat out a lot.  I don’t think he likes my cooking.) and we ordered our drinks.  Chris asks, “Using your logic, when you order a water, do you expect them to bring you a margarita?” 

Ding!  Light bulb! 

I glowed with pride and said, “I like the way you think.”




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