Two Ladies, A Couch and Chris

1 08 2010

It never surprises me when Chris does something out of the ordinary for someone else, but it warms my heart.  Yesterday, we were on our way out of a gas station parking lot and he stops the car in a weird position.  I was playing on my iPhone, of course, so I didn’t notice what he saw. 

There were two ladies – somewhere in their fifties – with a couch in a pickup truck.  Both ladies were in the bed, obviously struggling with moving it around.  When I saw them, I said “I love you.”

We asked if they would like some help and they said they would and sighed with relief.  We got out – Chris to help and me to supervise.  They had purchased the couch at an antique shop and they had loaded it for them, but the driver couldn’t see out the back window so they stopped to move it around.  If they weren’t going so far, it would be okay, but they were on their way to Georgia!  Chris got the couch settled in the bed for them and we were on our way.

They were so thankful for the help and I was so impressed with his act of kindness.  He would probably say that it was something he was supposed to do and down play the whole thing.  I have to argue with that since there were plenty of other men at the gas station that made no attempt to help.




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