Jersey Boys Got Me Thinkin’

1 08 2010

Jersey Boys was a great show Friday night!  The actors had amazing voices that sometimes made you wonder if they were actually lip singing to the real Four Seasons

There were a lot of songs and a lot of set movement!  I couldn’t believe how much the actors switched scenes and moved items on and off the stage with so much speed and ease.  I was very impressed. 

Seeing the show, it got me wondering who would deserve a show like this 50 years after they approached stardom.  

One of my first thoughts was Michael Jackson, but that quickly disappeared when I began to wonder how they would address his child molestation accusations.  That would be too weird and too much of a downer.  

Madonna?  Great music and a great idea but maybe a little too raunchy for all audiences.  There are probably a number of bands like Fleetwood Mac,  Steve Miller Band and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers that people enjoy their music but I’m not too sure they would like the history on Broadway.  I know I would be less enthused about the story, but the music would get me there.        

I think I’ve narrowed it down to Aerosmith and/or Bon Jovi.  Both have outstanding music that crosses generations and I would suspect interesting stories, but I’m just guessing with that.  

OR…they could do a show like Movin’ Out!  That way Madonna and Michael Jackson’s songs are back in the running.  Movin’ Out was really good – it’s a storyline that incorporates only songs from Billy Joel.  

What are your thoughts?  Vote Below!




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