What Happens When Time Doesn’t Fly By?

29 07 2010

You know how time can just fly by?  That’s supposed to be a sign you’re having fun, right?  What do you suppose it means when it doesn’t?

Chris and I can never get our anniversary date right (sometime in January) but we recently figured out we couldn’t even get the YEAR right!

People will ask how long we’ve been together an I respond with “Oh, six, seven years.”

Well, just last week, Chris and I were talking about something unrelated to our relationship – maybe how old Katlyn and Sarah are now.  And it hit me.  “Oh, my goodness!”  Then I started laughing.  We’ve only been together about 4 1/2 years!

This just cracks me up!

We joked on each other about being with each other felt like forever and things like that.  But, why do you suppose this is so?  We have a great relationship and we enjoy being around each other.

Think it’s more along the lines of it feels like we’ve known each other a long time?  Yeah, we’ll go with that one.




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