An Aunt to Remember

28 07 2010

It’s likely that I will never have children of my own.  I’m still struggling with deciding if I’ll be able to look back and not regret it.  Things could always change, but for now I’ll settle for being an Aunt they will remember.  I have two wonderful nieces.  They are perfect.  Rotten, but perfect.

Last week, I took the day off to be with them.  We had a good time.  They spent the night with me and then we went to Puzzles together the next day.  Puzzles is a pretty cool place here in Louisville with Arcade Games, Blow Ups to Slide and Jump in, a Rock Climbing Wall, Putt-Putt, Pizza and an Arts and Crafts room.  Adults get in free and I feel the prices are pretty reasonable as well.

We played Games first…

Maybe we should have waited on the games…they won some rubber duckies and had a LOT of tickets for me to hold.



Then we went to the slides and jumpies.  Oh, what fun!

They climbed in this jungle gym for a while too.

We had blue slushies while playing in the Arts and Crafts room.

And played on the jumpies/slides a little more before leaving.

My Aunt Martha is no longer with us, but she is certainly my Aunt to Always Remember.  She didn’t take us to places like this.  Her gift and imprint on me and my siblings was a little different.  The things that I remember is that she took us with her to Church on Sundays and to Bible School during the summer.  She was there for all Holidays and we had a special bond with her that can never be broken.  Aunt Martha was a very special person.  My mother’s mother passed away when I was about 18.  Aunt Martha wasn’t a fill in for her, but she was then the matriarch of the family in my eyes.  She was sweet and accepting of others and I love her dearly.  These were her talents that will always have an impression on me.  I still catch myself thinking about calling and asking her questions – she was our go to person for Religious and etiquette questions.  I cannot give my nieces the trips to Church (I haven’t been to Church regularly since before I was married) but I can hopefully give them an environment to create and run wild and feel love when they are with me.  Maybe sharing these talents of mine will help make me an Aunt to Remember for them.




One response

4 08 2010

I agree with every word you said about Aunt Martha. She is and was the world to us. I believe the girls will look up to you, just as all three of us looked up to Aunt Martha. You truly are a wonderful Aunt to them. All three of us love you very much!!!

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